Gathering event between AEIs of the Valencian Region and Provincial Council of Valencia.

Encuentro entre AEIs de la Comunidad Valenciana y la Diputación de Valenci

Cluster Calzado Innovación, along with the rest of clusters of the Valencian Region, has met with the Deputy Mr Bartolomé Nofuentes to foster collaboration bonds as far as European projects are concerned.

Clusters participating in this meeting, i.e. Cluster Calzado Innovación, Cluster de Automoción (AVIA); Cluster Innovación Envase y Embalaje, Habitat Cluster, Madera y Mueble (AIDIMME), Cluster del Valle del Juguete and Cluster de la Energía de la Comunitat Valenciana have presented to the Deputy their main lines of activity, the remarkable industrial network that they energise and represent, as well as their thorough experience in participation in regional, national and European projects on R&D&i. The Deputy himself shared the actions carried out by the Project Office of the Provincial Council of Valencia based in Brussels, in addition to the different chances of future cooperation among the different organisations.