CCI at the launch event of the new brand “BOND SPAIN CLUSTER”

Some representatives of Cluster Calzado Innovación attended the launch event of the new brand “BOND SPAIN CLUSTER” and the “Scope and Service Map of Innovative Business Groups”, in the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competiveness.

BOND SPAIN CLUSTER hallmark acknowledges the 100 Spanish Innovative Business Groups (AEIs), including CCI, as the key actors in the development of collaborative environments and innovative ecosystems, as well as the growth drivers for the Spanish Industry.

Mr Mario Buisán, General Director for Industry and SME, presented a new interactive map, available on, which is to enhance visibility and promotion of AEIs by advertising their services, scope and providing relevant information such as members, projects and success stories.

Skills and Services Map – CCI

As for success stories, the project coordinated by Cluster Calzado Innovación “Virtual Technologies at the Point of Sale” has been chosen as one of the 15 success stories of the Spanish AEIs in terms of cooperation and innovation.