Herb Kelleher

"We have a strategic plan.
It’s called doing things."


Cluster Calzado Innovación, CCI, is a non-profit association, the main aim of which is to promote and manage innovation in footwear companies located in the Vinalopó area.

It was founded in 2008, with the support of its founding members INESCOP, FICE y C2i2-aei , and comprises 55 companies operating in the footwear and components sector.

Its structure and organisation conforms to the Innovative Business Group model (known by the Spanish acronym, AEI), defined by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, which seeks to promote the competitiveness of member companies by boosting and managing actions towards business-to-business cooperation with a special focus on innovation.

Its strategic approach is based on three main pillars:

  • Innovate to optimise the design and conception of products, materials and manufacturing processes.
  • Improve the AEI member companies’ management to cope with the challenges faced by footwear and components companies.
  • Increase the AEI member companies’ commercial presence abroad by means of internationalisation actions.

The scope of territorial action basically comprises the Valencian Region, although its activities may be carried out throughout the national territory or even abroad.

CCI is a coordination instrument between companies, as well as technological, public and training actors, and other groups linked to the footwear innovation business system, in order to promote cooperation lines.

CCI organises the seminar "For a sustainable industry"

Cluster Calzado Innovación has organised the seminar “Por una industria sostenible” (for a sustainable industry) that will take place next 26th June in Elda. The event will start at 10:30 am and will cover one of the greatest challenges…

CCI at the launch event of the new brand “BOND SPAIN CLUSTER”

Some representatives of Cluster Calzado Innovación attended the launch event of the new brand “BOND SPAIN CLUSTER” and the “Scope and Service Map of Innovative Business Groups”, in the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competiveness. BOND…

CCI at the Cluster Matchmaking Event in Brussels

On 22nd February, the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) on behalf of the European Commission hosted in Brussels an event for the creation of bonds among clusters. With more than 525 bilateral meetings, this matchmaking event…